Yummy!    Chicken fajita skillet ...
Yummy!    Chicken fajita skillet with scrambled eggs!  Great Fast service!!We love Maine Street!
Kret J. via - Oct 19, 2017
Excellent food great atmosphere.
Max Garbarino via - Oct 14, 2017
Love it here, the food is great ... read more
Lenedra Lawrence via - Oct 14, 2017
This restaurant is amazing! The food, staff, atmosphere, all amazing! 💖 eating here!
Platnium #21 via - Oct 4, 2017
Our waitress was excellent the food is good!
Shetoria Hawkins via - Sep 29, 2017
Good service,fair prices, limited portion size.
Larry Lyle via - Sep 28, 2017
Very good food!
AzureDee Weaver via - Sep 27, 2017
Wish it was open on sundays, but hey that's business, you know? 🤷🏻‍♂️ ... read more
Ben Beazley via - Sep 26, 2017
Lovely staff and the food is always good.
Bruce Seiler via - Sep 26, 2017
One of my favorites!
Mark Jackson El via - Sep 22, 2017
Good place. Good food. Good prices.
James Piche via - Sep 19, 2017
Great food / environment ...
Christopher Cash via - Sep 19, 2017
Very good always ... read more
dance pueen d4 dance pueen d4 via - Sep 17, 2017
Good Good Food, Great Service Service and Excellent Hospitality. Love It!
Sharla Johnson via - Sep 12, 2017
Food is pretty good. Prices are low.
Boris Fishman via - Sep 12, 2017
great food great service....amazing for first vist ... read more
Marlon Terry via - Sep 12, 2017
Out-of-towner. Very happy with the service, and the steak, eggs, and coffee were delicious! ... read more
Joel R via - Sep 9, 2017
I love Main Street, the Owner's come by your table and check on you and the Food And Service is Awesome!
Toni Peterson via - Sep 9, 2017
The food is very good. The service is also great! My husband and I eat here quite often. ... read more
Edna Washington via - Sep 9, 2017
Heaven ... read more
Lauretta Blanch via - Aug 24, 2017
Ron Tom via - Aug 21, 2017
Excellent Service. ... read more
Darlene Williams via - Aug 20, 2017
Very good inexpensive breakfast, had an omelette & oatmeal. Ommate's do not come with cheese, must order as an extra ... read more
Matt Henderson via - Aug 20, 2017
Good eats, good service, good prices!
HAMTRAMCK LOVE via - Aug 13, 2017
Good eats, good service, good prices!
DETROIT LOVE via - Aug 10, 2017
Great service family owned and operated love it quick bites and drinks ... read more
Bigpun Young via - Aug 8, 2017
Good quality food, full bar, good service ... read more
Michael Garrison via - Aug 3, 2017
Food good service great 👍 ... read more
Jovita Odom via - Aug 1, 2017
Good food great taste,clean restaurant in Hamtramck Mi on Joseph Campau downtown Hamtramck.Wish they would open on Sundays.!" .
Jacqueline Robinson via - Jul 29, 2017
Nice calm Atmosphere.... Home like Meals...... GREAT PRICES!!!!! ... read more
Vincent Dennis via - Jul 28, 2017
Nice calm Atmosphere.... Home like Meals...... GREAT PRICES!!!!! ... read more
LaTonya Boyd via - Jul 27, 2017
Food is good and cooked when you order. Variety of different dishes for breakfast lunch or dinner. Service is not a long wait.
Lavern Long via - Jul 23, 2017
Excellent ... read more
Kai SandersMarable via - Jul 17, 2017
Great waiters. Good food. Nice atmosphere.
Katrina ambrose via - Jul 13, 2017
Good place to eat ... read more
Otto Matic via - Jul 11, 2017
Very good food ... read more
Abu Hani via - Jul 8, 2017
Great food.. Great service.. And a pleasant atmosphere ... read more
Alan Ruzycki via - Jul 6, 2017
Thumbs up! : ) ... read more
Ivory Williams via - Jul 6, 2017
Meh ... read more
Tomasz Rogala via - Jul 5, 2017
Long time customer. These brothers have cornered the market on cuisine variety. Heard their lamb chops are awesome (vegetarian).
Prima Graham via - Jul 3, 2017
The food is amazing however, the service was subpar. ... read more
Teresa Rush via - Jul 1, 2017
Food always good. The wait staff was somewhat slow & forgetful. I asked for items more than time.
Rosetta Kennedy Lewis via - Jun 27, 2017
Good is always delicious and private each are reasonable.
Jackie Williams via - Jun 24, 2017
Great place to eat ... read more
Anthony Williams via - Jun 21, 2017
I love this place! Their food is ...
I love this place! Their food is always delicious, and their deliver is super fast! It's great for a lunch break stop, or even for a quick breakfast before work!!! I highly recommend them! The owner is super sweet too and the employees are as well.
Sara M. via - Jun 19, 2017
I love this restaurant ... read more
Francine Walker via - Jun 18, 2017
Excellent food and service. I never had a problem here. Love eating here.
James Lobaza via - Jun 17, 2017
Food and Service, timely and good.
Cynthia Willoughby via - Jun 17, 2017
Nice restaurant and selection of items.
K Bolton via - Jun 12, 2017
I have come been visiting Maine St for years and never have I received bad service yet. There's a good cozy atmosphere with dimmed lighting, great staff, beer and specialty drinks served with a bar. OPA!!!
Overlord D via - Jun 9, 2017
Good food.. ... read more
Detroit Nate via - Jun 8, 2017
LOVE THE FOOD ... read more
Mercedes Burns via - Jun 6, 2017
Don't get me wrong, this is a goid place to eat. However, they are on the expensive side. This is the only restaurant in Hamtramck. They should lower the prices a little.
Angela Platt via - Jun 6, 2017
GREAT food good prices ... read more
Ron Tom via - Jun 5, 2017
Good ... read more
Emma Gerald via - Jun 1, 2017
Decent sit down restaurant in Hamtramck. Food was decent. Customer service was decent. Nice place to have a family dinner in the Detroit-tarium. Better than corporate chain restaurants like Chili's, TGIFs & Olive Garden...
Iblame Summers via - May 27, 2017
Dine in and everything is real good. Carry out and they do mess up. They do offer to either make what you ordered and the way you ordered it, or give you some sort of credit for the next time you come in. This is a nice place to bring the family though.
Sleazyyy T via - May 13, 2017
Good place 😎🆒 ... read more
martel love via - May 5, 2017
Great food ... read more
Bernice Phelps via - May 2, 2017
Good food I love the Greek skillet and the Greek salad ... read more
Tasha Nelson via - May 1, 2017
Great food. Good specials. Clean and quiet. ... read more
Pauline Butler via - Apr 30, 2017
Used to deliver their cleaning supplies...would pick up my lunch while delivering...and alot of times just puck up an is delicious!!! And priced reasonable.
heather strickland via - Apr 27, 2017
I love this place!
A Google User via - Apr 25, 2017
We have lived no more than three ...
We have lived no more than three miles from this place for seven years and Saturday night was the first time we dined here, and boy was it a welcome relief from what typically occurs in eating establishments around our area. Instead of saying what they did not do, I am going to discuss what Maine Street did do and hope that other pla ... read more
Andrew B. via - Apr 23, 2017
Great food ... read more
Krysta Slizewski via - Apr 17, 2017
I felt like I was skiing up north in a way. Had a glass of wine in a non-pretentious environment. Decent food. Handsome servers.
Keith J White via - Apr 15, 2017
Excellent food ... read more
Sherolyn Florence via - Apr 15, 2017
Enjoyed gyro meat with eggs. Great ...
Enjoyed gyro meat with eggs. Great flavor and in meat and sauce. Good service and clean.
Janis E. via - Apr 13, 2017
So much to choose from love the food and staff ... read more
Taiasha Tyson via - Apr 12, 2017
Quick fix to a home cooked meal
The resturant is very good for breakfast. If you like to drink its good. They have specials everyday.
jenjade1 via - Apr 11, 2017
A very nice atmosphere poor waitstaff but the food was ok. The menu needs expanding desperately I was almost out the door.
Media Man via - Mar 31, 2017
I love this place!
viktor camaj via - Mar 26, 2017
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